Plain Views

An article on Spiritual Development called Alabama Narrative by Jim Croegaert appears in this months special disaster relief issue of PlainViews, a newsletter of the Health Care Chaplaincy, an organization leading in the research, education and practice of spirit-centered palliative care.

The article includes the lyrics to a song written by Jim about his Alabama relief experience called Alabama Skies (repeated below).


Jim Croegaert

She said she saw the sky
It seemed so very strange
The way the clouds were forming
How rapidly they changedAnd then they came together
And she found it so odd
That she found herself thinking
Looked like the arms of God

And I don’t understand
So much of what I’ve seen
One moment there’s such beauty
And all seems so serene
And then it comes with such fury
That it’s hard to visualize
How it was before the storms came
Out of Alabama skies

It’s hard to comprehend
When someone has lost
A sister and her grandkids
How you count the costClinging to an image
So deep and so broad
That somehow they’re flying
Into the arms of God

And I don’t understand
So much of what I’ve seen
How it comes out of nowhere
And changes everything
But I will remember
And try to see with Sadie’s eyes
How it was before the storms came    (What she saw before…)
Out of Alabama skies

Copyright 2011, Rough Stones Music, 827 Monroe St., Evanston, IL 60202, USA. All rights reserved. Used by permission.