Last days have been very full.  Integrated Care Teams have been out doing work with people who lost family in the tornadoes.  Chaplains have done some wonderful work as team members.  Stories are heart-breaking, such as a mother whose child was literally ripped from her arms while she was doing all in her power to hold on.  There are no words.  Trying to get help to people when they have no homes, have lost family members, etc., is what these care teams are about, with (ideally) a nurse, a caseworker, a mental health worker, as well as a chaplain.  We have some experienced top-notch chaplains in the field, who are in many cases taking the lead in terms of the personal interactions with the family.  Personal needs can be addressed as primary, and then the information, signatures, forms, etc. can be addressed by others.  Other chaplains are going to Disaster Recovery Centers and doing the work of spiritual care for people who have been impacted profoundly by the storms.  Alabama will be coming back for a long time.  I am definitely going to be ready to head home on Saturday, but feel very good about being here.  Thank you to all for your prayers and support.