The Sky Above These Clouds Cover Art

January 11, 2022

Over the years I have done artwork and/ or design for musicians’ albums. This has been the case on several occasions with the Evanston-based singer-songwriter Jim Croegaert. I did art direction for Jim’s latest album and for the first time used my photography. At one point Jim had another title in mind, but then he decided on the title “The Sky Above These Clouds”. When he told me that title I recalled that earlier this summer when I was flying to North Carolina I had taken a series of pictures of a spectacular sunset. The problem with those photos was that I was seated at a window over the plane’s wing and the wing’s end was tilted up so that it was in the middle of every picture. Later, when I combined the photos in Photoshop (thereby “losing” the wing) I found that the resulting image had a peculiarly moving character, perhaps akin to the vision of a high flying bird.


Tim Lowly