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Tim Slevin – What I Remember

Introduction I met Tim as a high school freshman at Spalding Institute in Peoria, 1960. He possessed many important attributes, not the least of which was being able to mimic some very distinctive persons, notably our principal, Father Brown, as well as certain teachers. He could also sing Little Richard songs with true flare, was […]

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I wrote a song while serving with the Red Cross in Oklahoma in June, 2013 and recorded it recently. Tim Serban heads up Disaster Spiritual Care for the Red Cross and he put mine and others’ photos with it, and posted it to YouTube. I’ve included the lyrics here as well. Hope you all enjoy it! […]

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Alabama Skies

An article on Spiritual Development called Alabama Narrative by Jim Croegaert appears in this months special disaster relief issue of PlainViews, a newsletter of the Health Care Chaplaincy, an organization leading in the research, education and practice of spirit-centered palliative care. The article includes the lyrics to a song written by Jim about his Alabama relief experience […]

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– Jim Croegaert How can the sky turn against us like this? And send forth such Furies tearing holes in the world tearing holes in our fragile world? Tearing Roof from home Tearing Home from foundation Tearing Tree from earth Tearing Child from mother’s arms Tearing Mother from son Tearing Daughter from parents Tearing Lives […]

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Final Alabama Update

Tomorrow I will fly home. None too soon. I am very proud of the work done by our group of chaplains here. But ready to go home, and leaving things in good hands here. Did sing my “Blessing” song this a.m. for our Headquarters morning meeting, which was well received, and meaningful to me to do. Will post a poem […]

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Workplace Blessing – Song Lyrics

Workplace Blessing Words & Music – Jim Croegaert We ask you, Lord, to bless this place To let the richness of your grace Touch everywhere within this space And fill it with your love With your holy love We’re gathered here to ask that you Would bless the work that people do To make it […]

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Alabama Update

Last days have been very full.  Integrated Care Teams have been out doing work with people who lost family in the tornadoes.  Chaplains have done some wonderful work as team members.  Stories are heart-breaking, such as a mother whose child was literally ripped from her arms while she was doing all in her power to […]

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Jim with Red Cross in Alabama

Saturday (5/14) was my first day being fully “in charge” here, as the previous manager was “out-processing” and getting ready to return to his home in the Cincinnati area, where he now is.  It was a non-stop day but at day’s end we chaplains, 9 or 10 of us, were able to gather at an […]

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Red Cross Assignment in Alabama

Hello, all – I am sorry for taking so long to be able to send anything.  Have been incredibly busy here and with not a combination of access and time to enable me to do it.  Was in Tuscaloosa earlier in the week.  Incredible destruction there, entire neighborhoods virtually stripped bare.  Other areas with lesser […]

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Let’s Talk

Here are some questions fans have asked Jim in the past. If you have a question, post your comments and questions online below. Q: How long have you been in the music business? – Daniel Jim: I began playing in bands as a high school freshman, went on the road in 1965, so in some […]

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